FoneWorx launches The Virtual Business Centre
FoneWorx is proud to announce the launch of its new and innovative business solution called The Virtual Business Centre – Your Complete Business Solution In A Box.
FoneWorx is the holding company of Interconnective Solutions Ltd which is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.
The Virtual Business Centre is aimed at the individual, small office home office (“SOHO”) and small, medium and micro enterprises (“SMME”) and professional corporate users.
FoneWorx has aggregated a number of its discrete services into a single web portal which allows a subscriber to access a host of services which will initially entail 13 services.
New services will be added from time to time to ensure the subscriber has access to world-class services that would otherwise be unaffordable individually and technically out of reach of the subscriber on an in-house basis.
Services that are available on the launch of Virtual Business Centre include:
  • Address book
  • Fax2Email
  • PC2Fax
  • Data storage
  • SMS
  • Credit card processing
  • VOiP Call
  • Virtual PABX
  • SurveyOnline
  • Forms and Precedents
  • Telecommunication Services & Products
  • Diary Service
The digital age is exploding at a rapid rate and making access to bandwidth easier and cheaper. The most common form of this digital technology is asymmetrical digital subscriber line or ADSL which allows voice and data to be sent simultaneously over a standard home telephone line or small business providing faster download speeds.
The birth of the Virtual Business Centre coincides with the burgeoning growth of broadband solutions.
The Virtual Business Centre provides the format for content and communication streams converging to provide a total service to the discerning business user.
Convergence is the current communication industry buzzword, providing the solution to meet people’s needs as cost-effectively as possible, by providing the best of different technologies.
The Virtual Business Centre has fully embraced these fundamental new thresholds achieved in the multimedia and information super highways.
The service operates on a “prepaid” basis which allows the subscriber to access services on a pay-to-use basis. Subscribers would deposit funds into a central account by either making a credit card, Internet transfer, direct deposit or monthly debit order and thereafter allocating funds from their own personal central account to the services they wish to use. As the services are used, funds are deducted against their central account.
The Virtual Business Centre incorporates a phenomenal Voice Over IP application which enables a Virtual Business Centre subscriber to communicate with another Virtual Business Centre subscriber at no cost and also make local and international calls on much reduced rates.
FoneWorx has developed the Virtual Business Centre and hosts the service on its own proprietary platform.
The Virtual Business Centre is aimed at assisting the small enterprise business, specifically defined as the small, medium and micro enterprise (“SMME”), in developing their business from a small to a large enterprise. The concept is the aggregation of a number of value-added services which typically would not be affordable by small businesses, yet on a bureau-based principle or Application Service Provider (“ASP”) is affordable to the SMME.
The concept operates on the basis that the SMME would acquire the Virtual Business Centre CD and load the CD and connect directly to the Virtual Business Centre portal. From the portal the user would have access to a host of services including Fax2Email, PC2Fax, document storage, credit card facilities, virtual PABX, email, accounting facilities, SurveyOnline, forms and precedents, telecommunication services, payment mechanisms, diary facility, conference calls, on-line printing capabilities and micro lending capacity.
The concept operates on the basis that the SMME would use the facilities on a “pay-to-use” basis or prepaid basis. This would enable the SMME to make use of those services that are particularly important to the small business at a particular point in time and as different services are required, they would make use of such services on a prepaid basis.
If the individual SMME had to acquire the full plethora of these services, this would require a capital infrastructure in excess of R15 to R20 million which would not be in the reach of the average SMME and thus they would not be in a position to project the professional image that a larger organization is capable of doing due to greater access to capital.
FoneWorx employs its own full-time programmers to continuously enhance existing service and to add additional service from time to time.
FoneWorx is extremely excited about the launch of the Virtual Business Centre as it is aimed at enhancing small business and providing them with access to telecommunication services that would be far too onerous for them to purchase or develop on their own.