MyPoint is a panel of individuals and businesses who represent a cross section (representative sample) of the South African population.

The panel has been defined and developed with deep granularity around demographics and psychographics to enable clients to achieve definitive and representative answers to “burning questions”.

MyPoint enables panellists to complete surveys and rewards them with points, prizes and benefits.

MyPoint assists businesses and researchers to:

  • Uncover answers. Using a non-intimidating survey portal, panellists are able to provide feedback with meaningful opinions and comments.
  • Evoke discussion. Panelists can provide meaningful insights around key topics in a private and measured approach.
  • Obtain visibility. Surveys provide meaningful insights around attitudes and behaviours within the target survey population and establish benchmarks for future surveys.
  • Achieve “relative objectivity”. With unbiased survey methodologies, MyPoint enables business decisions to move from “subjectivity” to “objectivity”, which minimises wasted time and “guess work”.

Companies need your opinions and assistance on a variety of topics and tasks that will help them with product development of new products and services that are used every day. There is a huge demand for people around South Africa to participate in surveys and other fun activities. By contributing, you will discover the POWER of your opinions and actions.

As part of this community, you will be invited to participate in online surveys, discussions and other fun activities, where you will be able to give your opinion on a variety of topics.

Join our growing number of members who are making a difference in South Africa by partaking in all sorts of fun and interesting surveys and activities that help companies develop the products and services you use every day.

The best part is you will get rewarded for sharing your opinions, as well as for completing small tasks that probably form part of your daily activities already.